Better Pizza in Overland Park, Kansas


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Better Pizza in Kansas

Yuck! Frozen Dough! Many pizza restaurants start with frozen dough. We make our dough fresh 3 times a day with extra virgin olive oil, let it rise twice and toss by hand. Come in and let the kids watch! They'll love it.

The Perfect Taste! Our cheese is blended just for us with fine provolone & mozzarella. Our sauce is a family recipe handed down for 3 generations. We start with fresh ground roma tomatoes from California then mix in 13 herbs & spices. The taste will knock you out!

Only fresh for you! Here at SouthSide Mafia Pizza, we only use fresh vegetables that are purchased & sliced every day. Unlike other restaurants, ingredients are not pre-wrapped, pre-made, or pre-shrunk. Remember, fresh taste is the best!

No ties allowed! We'll be the best New York pizza you've ever had outside of being in Da Bronx! A better pizza you betta try!

Fedex delivers overnight. Forgetaboutit... Consistently delivering fresh, hot pizzas means your driver leaves our shop, on average, 13 minutes from the time you place your order.

We are passionate about our community. With over $50,000 in pizzas donated to local youth sports teams, schools, hospitals and churches - No one is committed to the community like Mafia Pizzeria.